Friday, 16 August 2013



Although I love Timmy-Ted sat on my desk watching me create his brothers and sister he is rather keen to go on an adventure.
Timmy-Ted is a fun loving this bear who stands 9" tall.   He  loves the sea breeze in his fur and when no one is looking he loves to dip his paws in the sea.
Being one of a kind, this little bear loves company so he can get into a rough and tumble - hence the arm patch.
Timmy-Ted has been created from truffle coloured German sparse mohair with ultra-suede paw pads. This sweet 9" bear can stand unaided; he has a mix of glass pellets, steel shot and polyfil in her paws, feet and tummy.

Timmy-Ted has black glass eyes, hand stitched black claws on his paws and feet, I've used the same black thread to stitch his sweet nose and mouth.

As Timmy-Ted is a very active little boy who loves to play outside, I have shaded his paws and his fur slightly to give him a aged look. He has a patch on his arm as he fell over and grazed himself.

Timmy-Ted wears cotton rompers. His short rompers are made from vintage style cotton in a vintage blue colour with natural coloured dots. The rompers are secured at the shoulder with vintage linen buttons in old white colour.

Timmy-Ted's hat is cotton, trimmed with vintage satin grey ribbons.

Timmy-Ted is a special bear for a special person. He is ready for his journey to his new home. He will arrive wearing a signed tag around his neck while stitched into his back is a label saying "Stitched with love by Elizabeth Lloyd"

Timmy-Ted is one of a kind and five way jointed.

This little bear will be sent within the UK by next day post. To the rest of the world he will go as Airsure Airmail.
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