Thursday, 28 August 2014

'S wonderful! 'S marvelous...!

Ella Jane has been inspired by a song entitled 'S wonderful! A song sung by the marvellous Ella Fitzgerald. 

 As Ella was initially famous for singing in ballrooms during the mid 1930s, I decided that my little Ella Jane should have a glamorous gown complete with silk shawl, diamond brooch, a pearl necklace, and of course, no self respecting 'Cupboard Bear' would be without her hat!  

Ella Jane is 9 1/2" tall. Approx 24cm. She is one of a kind, five way disc jointed. Her tummy, feet & paws are part glass pellet filled to make her nice & weighty.

Ella Jane's mohair is sand coloured, she has matching ultra suede paw pads, beautiful black glass eyes and carefully trimmed feet & paws to show her stitched black claws.

Ella Jane's gown is created  using vintage white cotton lace with intricate eyelet detail and a scalloped hem. The bodice of the dress is made from more vintage English lace.

The shawl is pale pink silk crepe, secured with a Diamante pin. Around Ella Jane's neck she has a string of pearls. 

Ella Jane's hat is fashioned from pale shell pink silk, trimmed around the brim with more lace and an overblown flower in a glorious dusty pink colour. The centre of the flower has three while pearls.

This sweet little girl will arrive with a stitched in tag on her back, the tag has my name on it, while around her neck she will have a swing tag with 'Ella Jane' and my signature on.

To adopt Ella Jane please email me for more details.

Thursday, 21 August 2014


Willow has been inspired by a game of English Cricket and a Cream tea. She is a sweet little girl; the latest from my Cupboard Bear Studio.

Willow is one of a kind, 9" tall. Five way disc jointed.

Willow's mohair is a lovely honey tan colour. She has ultra suede paw & feet pads in a complimenting colour. The tips of her paws and feet are slightly shaded. Her tummy, feet & paws are partly filled with glass beads to make her nice & weighty; along with Polyfil to add a little softness.

Willow is dressed in a lovely Tea dress, dotted with cream flowers with a red centre, perfect attire for an afternoon watching Cricket. There is a trim of lace along the hem of the dress, her cardigan I have knitted in pure 2ply wool in a vintage dusty blue colour, it is trimmed with four mother of pearl buttons and a vintage velvet flower to match the centre of the flowers on the dress. 

Willow's hat matches her Tea dress, the brim is lined in blue silk to match the blue in her dress. The brim of the hat is adorned with more vintage velvet red flowers, an organza red bow and some more velvet ribbons, the centre of the flowers have a mother of pearl button.

This sweet little girl will arrive with a stitched in tag on her back, the tag has my name on it, while around her neck she will have a swing tag with 'Willow' and my signature on.

Willow's adoption fee is $175 plus $25 shipping to the rest of the world. She will be sent by Airmail, tracked and signed for. Within the UK she is £100 plus £8 next day delivery. 

Please email me for more details.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Sailing away.....

Little Harley is all set to go sailing.

As I live just a ten minute walk from the Sea, I can't resist creating these sweet little sailor bears.

Harley is just 8 inches tall, one of a kind and five way jointed.

Harley is created using German mohair in a lovely creamy blonde colour. He has glass black eyes, beautifully stitched black claws on his feet & paws. His tummy, feet & paws are partly filled with weighty glass beads to give him a nice feel in the palm of your hand.

I have hand made Harley's sailing outfit. His overalls are made of 100% cotton in a dusty vintage blue colour with polka dots in ivory dotted all over them. They are secured with two shoulder straps with two vintage linen buttons.

I have made Harley's Hat and Sailor collar to match, the colour is vintage ivory to match the polka dots on the overalls. They are both trimmed with vintage satin ribbon in a dusty grey colour.

Harley has a stitched in label with my name on in his back while around his neck he will have a swing tag with his name on.

Harley Has been adopted.

Thank you!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Pink & Roses.....

Pink & Roses & a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun from her eyes were the requests of the latest little girl to be created in my studio.

This is Daisy who loves Roses & pink, she is one of a kind, 8" of sweetness.

 Daisy is created using ivory German mohair with ultra suede paw pads. I have shaded her paws, feet and her face very slightly to add character to her. She is five way disc jointed and has beads in her tummy, paws and feet to make her a little weighty.

Daisy's hat is created in blush pink silk and rosy cotton fabric that matches her overalls. Her hat is lined and trimmed with satin pink ribbon, velvet soft sage green ribbon to create leaves for the two daisies that adorn her hat. The centre of each Daisy has a teeny pearl.

I have hand knitted using very fine wool, a cardigan for Daisy, down the front of her cardigan she has three pearls as buttons.

 Daisy wears creamy cotton overalls that are dotted with shabby cottage roses and pale pale green leaves. The overalls are secured with a lace & satin ribbon bow at the shoulder. The hem of her overalls are trimmed with more lace.
Daisy will arrive with a stitched in name tag in her back while around her neck she will have a swing tag with her name.
Daisy has been adopted - thank you!