Thursday, 18 September 2014

Grace from Gracie

Gracie is the latest little girl to be born at the Studio of Cupboard Bears.

Just one of a kind, 9"  of sweetness and grace. Gracie is five way disc jointed, created from German sand coloured mohair with complimenting ultra suede paw pads and a tummy partly filled with glass beads to make her nice and weighty.

Gracie wears a dress that I've created using quality dotty cotton, I've trimmed the dress with lace around the neck and shoulders, across the front there is some lovely cream braid while a bow of lace finishes this sweet little dress.

Gracie's hat is made from cream wool, lined on the brim with fabric that matches her dress. I have trimmed the brim of the hat with velvet flowers, several pieces of green velvet ribbon as leaves and a lace bow.

Gracie has been adopted.


'arry - a Norf London kid....

'arry - a Norf London kid.... known to his peers as 'Little Harry.' 

Harry is one of kind, five way disc jointed and 8" & a tad of mischief tall.

I have created this mischievous little boy using German mohair; he has complimenting ultra suede paw pads. 'arry's tummy is partly filled with glass beads to make him nice & weighty in your hand.

Harry wears blue & cream checked cotton overalls, that I have trimmed with two vintage linen buttons. Around his neck he has tied on a ribbon, his key to home - maybe it will fit your door...or your heart?

Harry has been adopted

Thank you!