Thursday, 9 October 2014

Charlie is dressed for blustery days....


One of a kind, 8" or 20 cm tall.

Created from sand coloured German mohair with complimenting ultra suede paw pads. Charlie is a sweet little bear who is five way disc jointed, partly filled with glass beads in his feet, paws & tummy to make him nice & weighty.

Charlie has been shaded slightly on his paws and feet to add character. He wears a coat that I have created especially for blustery days. Charlie can wear his warm coat with the hood up or down. The coat is lined with star fabric while the coat is secured with two wooden toggles.

Charlie will arrive with a signed tag around his neck and a stitched in tag in his back.

Charlie has been adopted - THANK YOU!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Victoria is off to dance classes....


One of a kind, 8" tall.

A sweet little girl called Victoria is dressed in her vintage lace dress. She's very excited as she's off to her first dance class. Victoria is worried that she'll have two left feet and that she won't remember her steps.

Victoria is created using mohair in two colours; Sand & Honey. This sweet little girl is five way disc jointed. Her tummy, feet & paws are part filled with glass beads to add weight to her. I have clipped and shaded her paws, face & feet to add character. 

Victoria wears a dress made of two layers of vintage off white lace, the dress has a lace bow at the back. The bow on Victoria's head is made from matching lace. I have created the bodice, straps and roses for the dress from satin ribbons. The roses have teeny tiny cream beads in their centres. To complete Victoria's look, she wears a string of pearls.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Two new children looking for adventures & fun....

Constance & George...

Two sweet little children looking for fun and adventures.


One of a kind, approx 8" or 20cm tall.

Created using German mohair in a sand colour with complimenting ultra suede paw pads. I have clipped and shaded her feet & paws so that you can see her black claws that I've stitched.

Constance is five way disc jointed, her tummy paws and feet are part glass bead filled so she feels nice & weighty. 

Constance has been dressed in pink; she is a very sweet little girl who loves pink and the finer things in life. I have made her bloomers from pink dotted fabric, the hem of the bloomers are trimmed in lace. Constances cardigan is hand knitted in fine 2 ply yarn, the neck of the cardigan is secured with a pearl. 
No little lady would be complete without a hat so Constance has a lined hat made from more pretty pink fabric, the brim of the hat matches her bloomers.


One of a kind, approx 8" or 20cm tall.

George has been created from honey coloured mohair, he has complimenting ultra suede paw pads.

 He too is five way disc jointed with glass beads partly filling his tummy, feet & paws. His paws and feet have been clipped and shaded to add character

George is ready for the cooler days as he wears his Royal blue duffle coat that is lined with a checked fabric, also in blue. His coat is secured at the front with two wooden toggles.

Constance & George have been adopted.

Thank you!