Thursday, 27 August 2015

Misty Bluebell

Misty Bluebell.

One of a kind, approx 10" tall with five way disc nut & bolt joints.

I have created this little girl with German Mohair in a lovely warm natural colour - almost with a hint of flesh in the colour. Misty Bluebell has ultra suede paw pads which I've shaded on the tips. Her tummy, feet and paws are partly filled with glass beads to make her nice and weighty. Her black glass eyes,  stitched nose and claws complete her angelic look.

I love to use vintage textiles as often as I can so I've been lucky to have found some lovely soft fabric with embroidery for the dress; because it is vintage, it is delicate, you may see from the photos - if you look closely - that that are imperfections in the shirt, all of which add to the character of the outfit. I also found some lovely daisy ribbon trim which I've stitched to the bodice of the dress. The dress is secured at the back with a mother-of-pearl button.

Most of my Cupboard Bears love their hats so 'Misty Bluebell' has a velvet and silk hat, it is lined and trimmed with a rag rose and some more vintage lace on the brim.

This sweet little Lady is ready to find a new home. Misty Bluebell is hoping for some friends that love vintage lace, bluebell blue and afternoon tea.

This little girl will arrive with a stitched in tag on her back and around her neck will be a swing tag with her name and my signature.


Friday, 14 August 2015

Mumbles is missing his friend....

Mumbles is sat all alone as Alfie has left for pastures new. Poor Mumbles has paws crossed that soon he'll be off on a new adventure to a new home....

Mumbles has been adopted.
Thank you!

Monday, 3 August 2015

Mumbles & Alfie

Mumbles & Alfie

Both one of a kind. Both five way disc jointed and partly filled with glass beads to make them weighty. The boys have ultra suede paw pads to compliment their fur. 

 Mumbles is 8 1/2" while Alfie is a respectable 5 1/2"

Mumbles is a bear who has got himself into a pickle when choosing his fur so he wrote a little poem.

My name is Mumbles
From Highcliffe by the Sea
That's why I'm a jumble
Of brown shades you see
I'm cheerful and humble
And loving - that's me!

Mumbles's mohair fur is of various shades of teddy brown and natural as Mumbles was too excited to stand still to chose his fur while being created. 

Mumbles is a sweet adventurous Cupboard Bear who is snug in his brown linen coat that's lined with deep red fabric dotted with stars. His coat has a hood but if the wind blows too hard, he's got a woolly hat to keep his ears extra snug.

Mumbles has a little friend called Alfie.

Alfie is off to his new home!

Alfie is created using blond German mohair. He's a quizzical little bear who is curious to meet new playmates. 

Alfie wears a pair of blue striped short overalls that are gathered at the knees, his shoulder straps are secured with two vintage linen buttons.

Mumbles and Alfie will arrive with a swing tag around their necks. The tag will have my signature on, also with either Mumbles or Alfie's  name. Stitched into their back is a tag with 'Cupboard Bears' & 'Elizabeth Lloyd.' written on it.

Mumbles has been adopted too. 
 Thank you!