Monday, 3 August 2015

Mumbles & Alfie

Mumbles & Alfie

Both one of a kind. Both five way disc jointed and partly filled with glass beads to make them weighty. The boys have ultra suede paw pads to compliment their fur. 

 Mumbles is 8 1/2" while Alfie is a respectable 5 1/2"

Mumbles is a bear who has got himself into a pickle when choosing his fur so he wrote a little poem.

My name is Mumbles
From Highcliffe by the Sea
That's why I'm a jumble
Of brown shades you see
I'm cheerful and humble
And loving - that's me!

Mumbles's mohair fur is of various shades of teddy brown and natural as Mumbles was too excited to stand still to chose his fur while being created. 

Mumbles is a sweet adventurous Cupboard Bear who is snug in his brown linen coat that's lined with deep red fabric dotted with stars. His coat has a hood but if the wind blows too hard, he's got a woolly hat to keep his ears extra snug.

Mumbles has a little friend called Alfie.

Alfie is off to his new home!

Alfie is created using blond German mohair. He's a quizzical little bear who is curious to meet new playmates. 

Alfie wears a pair of blue striped short overalls that are gathered at the knees, his shoulder straps are secured with two vintage linen buttons.

Mumbles and Alfie will arrive with a swing tag around their necks. The tag will have my signature on, also with either Mumbles or Alfie's  name. Stitched into their back is a tag with 'Cupboard Bears' & 'Elizabeth Lloyd.' written on it.

Mumbles has been adopted too. 
 Thank you!

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