Friday, 4 September 2015

Buttons & Miss Petals.....

I have been busy burning the candle at both ends for the London Hugglets show which is fast approaching on the 13th September between 10:30 - 4:00 at Kensington Town Hall - Hall 1 stand 51..  Its the Cupboard Bears 21st Birthday so look out for the balloon. The bears and I look forward to meeting you there. 

I've also created for you 'Buttons' and 'Miss Petals'.


One of a kind, approx 8 1/2" tall. Created from German creamy natural coloured mohair with complimenting ultra suede paw pads. Buttons is five way disc nut & bolt jointed, she has glass beads in her tummy, feet and paws to make her slightly weighty.

Buttons LOVES pink and spots. She wears overalls in pink, dotted with teeny tiny white spots. Her wide brimmed lined hat compliments her baggy overalls. She has mother-of-pearl buttons to secure the straps on her overalls while on the back of her hat she has several more buttons dotted with creamy seed pearls.

Buttons has vintage lace trimming the crown of her hat and the hem of her overalls. This sweet little girl wears a cream coloured hand knitted cardigan with short sleeves, it has a lovely pearl at the neck.

Buttons will arrive with a signed swing tag around her neck, it has her name and my signature on. 

Buttons has been adopted.


Let me introduce you to 'Miss Petals.'

 Miss Petals is one of a kind, approx 10 1/2" tall. She has weighted feet so she can stand unaided. 
This sweet Lady is five way disc nut & bolt jointed. She too has glass beads to make her fairly weighty.

Miss Petals has mohair in a lovely sand colour, she has compliments ultra suede paw pads and beautiful stitched black claws, sweet black nose and twinkly black glass eyes. 

I have dressed Miss Petals in dreamy pink and cream. I've made her dress and hat with vintage silk and lace. The dress has an over skirt of lace so you can see the delicate pink shade peeking through.
The hat is trimmed with more vintage lace and some shabby roses in pink with pearls in their centres.
To keep Miss Petals snug on those chilly summer evenings she has a long sleeve hand knitted cream cardigan which is secured with four seed pearls, while a rose pin completes her look.

Miss Petals has been adopted.
Thank you!

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