Thursday, 1 October 2015

Poppy remembers......

One of a Kind. 8 1/2" tall. Five way disc jointed and partly filled with glass beads for weight.

This little girl called Poppy has deep red German mohair for her fur. She has complimenting ultra suede paw pads which I have shaded slightly. On her feet and paws I have stitched black claws,

Poppy is a romantic little girl with her flora and vintage lace outfit. Her cardigan which I have hand knitted is created in a vintage colour which matches the old lace I have used for the front of Poppy's faded overalls that are dotted with shabby English roses. There are four mother-of-pearl buttons down the front of the cardigan.

Poppy has been adopted - THANK YOU!

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  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Poppy is really sweet - love her hat, dress and cardi.


Thank you for your comment, it is always lovely to hear your thoughts. Hugs, Elizabeth