Friday, 30 December 2016

Friday, 23 December 2016

Vintage Eve

One of a kind. 6 inches tall. Eve is five way disc jointed.

A sweet little girl created from vintage creamy velvet and ivory lace.

Eve is partly filled with steel beads so she's fairly weighty for a little girl. She would have a lovely feel when she sits in the palm of your hand to stare loving into your eyes....

Eve has ultra suede paw pads, beautiful black stitched claws on her paws and feet. Also slight shading on her arms and legs to add a little extra vintage-ness to her character.

I have dressed Eve in a lace made of creamy vintage lace, trimmed with a pale pink ribbon dash which is tied at her back with a huge bow. A satin ribbon rose and some seed pearls adorn the front of the dress. A string of pearls complete her outfit.

Eve has been adopted.
Thank you. Xx

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Jingle bells, Snowbearies and Caroling


One of a kind Snowbeary.

Approx 8 inches tall.

Created from white mohair with complimenting ultra suede paw pads. Holly is five way disc jointed and partly filled with beads to give her weight.

Holly is a Snow-beary, neither a bear or a Snow girl, she's a cross between the two with her little ears and her orange nose.

I have dressed Holly in a red and natural cotton gingham dress, secured at the bodice with black beads - (all Snowbeary's have coal buttons) Holly has ivory bloomers dotted with jolly red stars. Her black hat is lined to match her dress, while a spring of holly and berries adorns the brim.

To keep Holly snug I have crocheted a bright red scarf which is trimmed with some festive beads. 

Holly's been adopted - Thank you!


One of a kind. Approx 8 inches tall. 

Five way disc jointed and partly filled with beads to give Jingles a little weight.

This sweet puppy is created from black and white German mohair. 

Jingles's paws and tummy are shaded to give him character. 

Jingles will arrive with his own bone so he's hoping there will be other puppies to share it with, He likes nothing better than puppy pals.

To keep Jingles snug I have made him a festive holly green scarf, it's trimmed with a red star buttons and two jingle bells trim the ends.

Jingles has been adopted.

Thank you!


One of a kind, approx 9 inches tall plus hat.

Carole is created from beautiful honey coloured medium dense mohair with complimenting wool paw pads.

Carole is five way disc jointed and partly filled with beads to make her feel very hug-able.

I have created a festive outfit for Carole; her corduroy red hat and hand knitted cardigan are trimmed with white fur. Carole wanted a gift for her new Mom or Dad so she's got a red Christmas tree, trimmed with beads and jingle bells.

Carole wears a dress with natural and red snowflakes dotted all over it. The dress is secured with two red star buttons. This sweet little girl has cotton bloomers dotted with red stars.

Carole has been adopted. 

Thank you!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Poppy and Hattie

Poppy and Hattie

Poppy (left)  one of a kind. Approx 7 1/2 inch. 
Hattie (right) one of a kind, approx 6 inch.

Hattie is a 6 inch burgundy and natural coloured mohair bear. Her design is that of a panda so she has a natural mohair head and lower body, her ears, arms and legs are deep red.

Five way disc jointed and partly filled with weighty beads.

Hattie wears a glorious lined hat which I've stitched from vintage fabric, the hat is trimmed with two velvet flowers and a vintage lace bow.

This little lady has a string of cream beads and a shawl of cream polka dot tulle lace; secured with more velvet flowers and lace.

Hattie has been adopted - thank you!


One of a kind, 7 1/2 inch.

Poppy is created from deep port red mohair, she is five way disc jointed and partly filled with weighty beads.

Dressed in a dress of vintage cotton in deep cream with burgundy and pink flowers. Poppy  wears a hat trimmed with vintage cream lace and a satin ribbon rose.

Around Poppy's neck she has a string of pearls. Her dress has a large cream polka dot tulle lace bow, while the waist of her dress is trimmed with gathered vintage cream lace.

Poppy has been adopted.

Thank you!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Who doesn't love Figgy pudding...?

A one of a kind Hedgehog who can't hibernate because he loves all the fun of the holidays - especially Figgy Pudding.

8 inches tall.

Figgy is created from mohair with wool paw pads. This little boy is partly filled with beads to add a little weight to this handsome chap. He is five way disc jointed and slightly shaded on his paws, face and body.

Figgy wears a burgundy scarf which is dotted with golden stars and little black dots. His scarf is trimmed on the ends with four little bells. 

A red star button and teeny tiny green and gold beads secure Figgy's scarf from blowing in the nippy winds. 

Figgy loves Christmas pudding so he'll arrive with his handmade pudding and his little Christmas tree.

Figgy has the softest cashmere ears - so sweet!

Figgy has been adopted.

Thank you!

Monday, 28 November 2016

Hamish - a wee Scottish lad

One of a kind, approx 8 inches tall plus antlers. 

Hamish is stitched from mohair, he has complimenting ultra suede paw pads, a squishy bead filled tummy, twinkling black glass eyes and cashmere antlers, all of which, creates this fun little chap.

This jolly Reindeer loves the snow, it makes his nose glow red when he's out on his sledge. He'll even bring along his two christmas tree to share with you - I think he's hoping that his new Mom will help decorate them with baubles.

I have dressed Hamish in a hand-knitted sweater and plaid trousers.

Hamish with his Sledge and trees have been adopted.

Thank you!

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Twinkle and her little dog Nippy.

One of a kind. Approx 10 inches or 25.5cm plus hat tall.

Five way disc jointed and partly filled with beads to make her a little weighty.

Created from German mohair in a lovely warm honey colour. Twinkle has complimenting wool paw pads and beautiful black glass eyes. She has black claws on her lightly shaded paws and feet.

Twinkle's little dog Nippy, is her favourite pull along toy.

Twinkle loves the winter so I've created her a snug outfit in duck egg blue and silver fabrics. The silver snowflakes make the dress and hat sparkle in the wintry light. A snug hand knitted cardigan with four pearl buttons keeps Twinkle warm.

Beautiful white lace trims the hem of Twinkle's dress, the snowy whiteness matches the fur trim of her hat.

No little girl would leave the house on a cold frosty day without her bloomers. 

Twinkle and Nippy have been adopted.

Thank you!