Monday, 4 January 2016

Molly is the newest little girl for 2016

Meet Molly. A sweet one of a kind 7" in size, chubby little girl with a tummy that has enjoyed a few too many cookies. She's one of a kind and hoping for a home that has a HUGE jar of honey, fudge and peanut cookies she can share with new friends.

Molly's design has been tweaked a little, she has a centre seam head with a plump tummy and slightly shorter legs. Other than that she's a Cupboard Bear made with German mohair, complimenting ultra suede paw-pads, glass eyes, five way disc jointed and with a partly pellet filled tummy. 

I have hand-knitted a pink cardigan in fine cashmere, the cardigan has three teeny tiny mother of pearl buttons down the front. Molly wears a cream silk hat trimmed with silk ribbons, lace and a rose.

Molly has been adopted.

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  1. Molly is really cute and 'pretty in pink' - unfortunately, her tummy somewhat resembles mine!! xx


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