Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Nearly 12 inches - Bobby MacButtons is ready for winter...?

Bobby MacButtons is ready for winter - but we're entering Spring here so I think he's hinting that he'd like to find a cooler home so he can continue to stay snug in his corduroy coat, warm woollen scarf and his British Tweed overalls.

Bobby MacButtons is a new size Cupboard Bear; approx 11 3/4 inch tall - (3/4 of an inch is very important to a little chap like Bobby) - 30 cm.

He is five way disc jointed, partly filled with pellets, his light brown fur is German mohair, he has ultra suede paw pads to compliment.

This handsome chap wears natural tweed overalls and a cotton 'T' shirt. 

Bobby also wears a lined light brown corduroy coat with a hood. The coat is lined with a cotton plaid in red, natural and deep blue. To keep Bobby's neck warm, he has a hand-knitted wool scarf. Knitted from deep red and various brown yarns.

Bobby MacButtons has been adopted - THANK YOU!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Gracie-Mae & Coco

Both one of a kind, approx 8 1/2" tall.

Two woven wool bears created with five way disc joints, ultra suede paw pads and partly filled with glass bears to make them slightly weighty.


Gracie-Mae is dressed in cream vintage silk, vintage lace and a hand knitted cream wool cardigan. Her cardigan is trimmed with cream pearls. The dress bodice is made from vintage English lace while her silk hat matches her dress.

Gracie-Mae has been adopted - THANK YOU!


Coco is dressed in pink & cream. Her dress is pink silk crepe, trimmed with vintage cream lace and a satin ribbon bow. The hat matches the dress while Coco's pearl trimmed wool cardigan keeps her snug.

Coco has been adopted - THANK YOU!

Friday, 11 March 2016

Spring is in the air....

The birds are singing a beautiful Melody outside my Studio window so I just had to name this sweet little girl 'Melody'.

One of a kind, approx 8 1/2" tall.

Created from vintage honey coloured German mohair. Melody has complimenting ultra suede paw pads, beautiful black glass eyes, sweetly stitched claws on her paws and feet. She is five way disc jointed and partly filled with glass beads to make her feel weighty.

Melody's dress is cotton; has a vintage red background and is dotted with shabby roses and leaves, The hem of the dress is trimmed with fine vintage lace. 

I have hand knitted Melody's cardigan in burgundy fine yarn, the cardigan has three mother-of-pearl buttons down the front. 

No self-respecting little girl would go out without her bloomers on. Melody's are red with polka dots. 

To complete this little girl's outfit I have made her a silk hat trimmed with more vintage lace, some silk ribbons and red organza roses. 

Melody has been adopted - THANKYOU!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Feeling blue.....

Yesterday, after the very busy Hugglets Teddy Bear Festival in London, three girls were lucky enough to come back home with me but they really would prefer a new home and some adventures with new brothers and sister. 

Firstly there is Alice.

Alice is one of a kind. approx 8" tall.

Created in vintage blue mohair with complimenting ultra suede paw pads, she is partly filled with pellets to make her weighty. She has glass eyes and beautiful black claws on her paws.

I have created Alice's dress from white linen that is embroidered with the palest, almost silver blue flowers. She has a hand knitted cardigan trimmed with silvery mother-of-pearl buttons. Alice's hat is silk, lined and trimmed with a white ribbon rose and satin ribbon. To complete Alice's outfit she wears some lace trimmed polka dot bloomers.

Alice has been adopted - Thank you!

Then there is .....

Kitty & Lucie

Both one of a kind. Kitty is approx 8 1/2" tall. Lucie is 10" tall.


Both created from golden honey coloured German mohair with complimenting ultra suede paw pads, five way disc jointed and both pellet filled in their tummy, feet and paws. 

Their outfits almost match. Lucie's hand knitted fine wool cardigan is a slightly darker cream to Kitty's. Both trimmed with a collar, tiny red heart buttons and a heart pin each.

Lucie & Kitty wear floral dresses trimmed with white English cotton lace.

Both sweet little girls have matching lined hats trimmed with red velvet flowers. 

Each bear will arrive with a stitched in tag in their back and around their neck they will each have a signed swing tag with my name and theirs on.

Lucie & Kitty have been adopted. 


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Easter Bunny


One of a kind. Approx 8" tall. Created from dusty grey mohair with complimenting silk inner ears. Dusty is five way disc jointed, partly glass bead filled so she nice and weighty. 

Dusty's dress is cotton, dusty faded blue in colour; dotted with vintage pink flowers to match her cardigan that I've knitted her. The dress is trimmed with cream lace and secured at the back with a cream vintage button. The cardigan is dusty pink rose in colour, it has a collar and three pearls down the front. 

Dusty has two pink satin bows in her ears.

Dusty has been adopted - thank you!

'Hattie' will make you better

One of a kind, approx 10" tall - 25 cm. 

Created from English woven wool fabric in a natural colour; similar to Tweed but much softer.

Hattie is five way jointed, partly pellet filled so she's nice & weighty. She has ultra suede paw pads, black glass eyes and the sweetest face.

Hattie has a outfit that is handmade in a vintage style, her cotton dress is vintage red and natural stripe, she has bloomers to match. Her apron and hat is also in a natural colour to complete the vintage look.

Hattie has been adopted.