Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Nearly 12 inches - Bobby MacButtons is ready for winter...?

Bobby MacButtons is ready for winter - but we're entering Spring here so I think he's hinting that he'd like to find a cooler home so he can continue to stay snug in his corduroy coat, warm woollen scarf and his British Tweed overalls.

Bobby MacButtons is a new size Cupboard Bear; approx 11 3/4 inch tall - (3/4 of an inch is very important to a little chap like Bobby) - 30 cm.

He is five way disc jointed, partly filled with pellets, his light brown fur is German mohair, he has ultra suede paw pads to compliment.

This handsome chap wears natural tweed overalls and a cotton 'T' shirt. 

Bobby also wears a lined light brown corduroy coat with a hood. The coat is lined with a cotton plaid in red, natural and deep blue. To keep Bobby's neck warm, he has a hand-knitted wool scarf. Knitted from deep red and various brown yarns.

Bobby MacButtons has been adopted - THANK YOU!


  1. He looks gorgeous in his beautiful coat and wool scarf.

    1. Thank you, he'll need his coat where he is going.

  2. I just love Bobby MacButtons ..... all 11¾ inches of him:0) xx

    1. Thanks Julia, he was fun to create. I'm now working on a similar size in pink....


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