Friday, 13 May 2016

Some Bunny......

.......loves a Bunny......Henrietta Hare is really her name but that doesn't start a song - not that I know of anyway.

Henrietta Hare.

 A dreamy Hare looking for a new meadow to spend her days.

Look at those feet! - certainly no Bunny in this little girl. Henrietta is a real Hare.

One of a kind, approx 7" tall. 

Created from natural coloured mohair with complimenting paws and LARGE feet stitched in ultra suede. Henrietta is five way disc jointed, partly filled with beads to make her a little weighty.  

I've been adopted 
Thank you!

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  1. She is stunning, your creations just gets better and better.


Thank you for your comment, it is always lovely to hear your thoughts. Hugs, Elizabeth