Friday, 24 June 2016

Aunt Maude in her finest Scottish Tweed

Aunt Maude.

One of a kind. Approx 9 1/2" tall.

Aunt Maude is a wee Scottish Lady in her beautiful tweed coat. 

The tweed has some wonderful moorland colours; soft blue, for an Autumn sky; the colour of a Loch with its reflections of green moors and blue sky creates the main colour of the tweed. There is a pale and a slightly darker tan in the fabric; similar to the colour of bracken at the end of the Autumn. 

Aunt Maude has ultra suede paw pads; her tummy, feet and paws are partly filled with beads to give her weight. She is five way disc jointed and has glass black eyes.

I love silk so I've created Aunt Maude a silk hat. The colour is pale pale dusty rose. I have trimmed the inner brim with a complimenting dusty brown cotton fabric that matches the lining of the hat. An oversized dusty brown feather trims the brim.

As Aunt Maude's coat is such a lovely Tweed. I didn't want to cover it too much so she wears a cream lace shawl, secured with a silver and mother of pearl cameo brooch. 

I'm adopted - thank you!


  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Very cute and love her lace and cameo
    Enjoy the weekend


Thank you for your comment, it is always lovely to hear your thoughts. Hugs, Elizabeth