Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Harry Jr in Tweed

Harry Jr.

One of a kind, approx 8 1/2 and a tad inches tall.

Harry Jr has been lovingly hand stitched using English wool herringbone Tweed in a soft nut brown and creamy beige colour. He has ultra suede paw pads, beautiful black glass eyes and a black stitched nose.

Harry Jr is partly filled with beads so he has a little extra weight - not that he minds carrying a little weight as he'd prefer to enjoy his favourite honey cookies without having to be concerned..

To keep Harry Jr snug I have knitted him a scarf in tweedy beige and vintage blue yarn.

Harry Jr has been reserved - Thank you Jo.


  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Harry Jr looks so dapper in his tweed - very cute.
    Happy Thursday

    1. Thank you, he was fun to create. Happy Thursday to you too.


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