Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Bella-Ella, Scamp and Lilly Rose.


One of a kind. Approx 10 1/2 inches tall.

Bella Ella is five way disc jointed and partly filled with beads to add a little weight. She is created from natural colour German Mohair. This little girl has complimenting ultra suede paw pads, black glass eyes and beautiful black stitched claws on her paws and feet; along with a little shading.

I have knitted and stitched Bella Ella's outfit. This little girl loves pink so she has a pink sweater with an appliqued heart on the front. The heart has a flower button and pink ribbon bow in the centre. 

Bella Ella's cotton trousers have a cream background which matches the colour of the English lace trim around the hem of the legs. The fabric is dotted with bunches of English roses.

No young Lady 'Cupboard Bear' would be complete without a hat so Bella Ella's matche her trousers. The inner brim is pink to match her sweater, the outer brim is cream and the crown is dotted with English roses.

Bella Ella has been reserved - Thank you!


One of a kind, approx 7 inches tall.

A black and white puppy, created from German mohair and with ultra suede paw pads. Scamp is five way disc jointed, partly bead filled so he has a little weight. 

Scamp wears a red polka dot Bandanna around his neck. He also has a stitched in label in his back.

Scamp has been adopted - Thank you!

Lilly Rose.

One of a kind. Approx 7 inches tall.

Five way disc jointed and partly filled with beads to give her extra weight. Lilly Rose is beautifully stitched in black German Mohair with matching ultra suede paw pads and black glass eyes.

You may have noticed that Lilly Rose loves pink. She has a pink polka dot dress and matching hat. She also loves lace, ribbons and pearls so I've dotted them along her hat, dress and cardigan.

Her hand knitted cardigan has white pearl beads down the front to act as buttons. A silk ribbon rose, dotted with more pearls and trimmed with lace adorns the waist on her dress.

The crown of Lilly Rose's hat matches her dress, the brim of the hat is pale pink and trimmed with another silk ribbon rose and seed pearls.

Lilly Rose has been adopted - Thank you!

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