Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Poppy and Hattie

Poppy and Hattie

Poppy (left)  one of a kind. Approx 7 1/2 inch. 
Hattie (right) one of a kind, approx 6 inch.

Hattie is a 6 inch burgundy and natural coloured mohair bear. Her design is that of a panda so she has a natural mohair head and lower body, her ears, arms and legs are deep red.

Five way disc jointed and partly filled with weighty beads.

Hattie wears a glorious lined hat which I've stitched from vintage fabric, the hat is trimmed with two velvet flowers and a vintage lace bow.

This little lady has a string of cream beads and a shawl of cream polka dot tulle lace; secured with more velvet flowers and lace.

Hattie has been adopted - thank you!


One of a kind, 7 1/2 inch.

Poppy is created from deep port red mohair, she is five way disc jointed and partly filled with weighty beads.

Dressed in a dress of vintage cotton in deep cream with burgundy and pink flowers. Poppy  wears a hat trimmed with vintage cream lace and a satin ribbon rose.

Around Poppy's neck she has a string of pearls. Her dress has a large cream polka dot tulle lace bow, while the waist of her dress is trimmed with gathered vintage cream lace.

Poppy has been adopted.

Thank you!

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