Friday, 23 December 2016

Vintage Eve

One of a kind. 6 inches tall. Eve is five way disc jointed.

A sweet little girl created from vintage creamy velvet and ivory lace.

Eve is partly filled with steel beads so she's fairly weighty for a little girl. She would have a lovely feel when she sits in the palm of your hand to stare loving into your eyes....

Eve has ultra suede paw pads, beautiful black stitched claws on her paws and feet. Also slight shading on her arms and legs to add a little extra vintage-ness to her character.

I have dressed Eve in a lace made of creamy vintage lace, trimmed with a pale pink ribbon dash which is tied at her back with a huge bow. A satin ribbon rose and some seed pearls adorn the front of the dress. A string of pearls complete her outfit.

Eve has been adopted.
Thank you. Xx

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