About me...

For as long as I can remember I have been stitching. My first sewing was clothes for my dolls, I remember sewing a pink dress for my doll before I started school so I was younger than five when the stitching bug hit, my Great Granny was a seamstress, my Nanny was a seamstress so it seems to be in my blood to stitch.

As a child I would hunt for fabrics from all sorts of places, thrift sales were a great place for dress fabrics for my doll's clothes, blackout curtains and blankets were great for other characters.

At an early age I used to take orders from my fellow students at infant school. Before the age of 12 I used to create soft toys which I would sell and then donate my earnings to charity. I just loved to stitch and to create something that other people would enjoy.

My mind is always whizzing with ideas, it can take a piece of fabric or a trim or a button to start my mind creating a new character.

I really enjoy using old lace and vintage trims for my bears, I like that well loved faded look that old fabrics have.

I'm so lucky to have the bears to create, it fulfils my creative side, without stitching I'm lost so thank you to all that have adopted my Cupboard Bears over the years, you've given me the best occupation,

I'm so grateful - thank you!


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  1. Elizabeth,
    Lovely to have bumped into you again on the walk, sorry we didn't say cheerio but got whisked off to Sue's place for a cuppa !!!
    Super web site, just wondering, when you are not being creative, apart from cricket, what is your other interests !!! I forgot reading. Hope all is ok at this time, take care,


Thank you for your comment, it is always lovely to hear your thoughts. Hugs, Elizabeth