Adopting a Cupboard Bear

If you would like to pay in £Sterling via Paypal or with your credit/debit card, please email me so I can send you an ££ invoice or contact you for your details. 

  • You may make a direct full purchase of a Cupboard Bear from this website by using the Bear Pile link below the details of each available bear and pay for the bear in full or contact me regarding Lay-Away or payment via Credit/Debit cards or via Bank Transfer in £ Sterling.

  • Lay-Away is a three month payment plan; the first payment is when you initially wish to adopt the bear, the second payment is one month later, the final payment, another month later and includes shipping. 

  • Please ensure you select the correct postal destination when making your purchase, under payment for your postal destination may result in your payment being returned and your order cancelled.

  • Bears are marked as adopted/sold when payment is received.

Join the Mailing list.

Please do consider joining the Cupboard Bears mailing list via the link to the right of this page, as a member you will receive immediate notification when new bears and their friends are available for new homes. 


As stated with the Bear's details; All shipping is tracked and signed via Royal Mail.

Thank you for your continuing support.


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